Another lost opportunity: Arbuckle in the January 2022 issue of Retro magazine

Readers of Retro magazine’s feature article on the Arbuckle case were cheated of learning anything new about the case. Presumably the freelance writer didn’t reference this site. You can tell by the first few paragraphs that the information we have gathered from primary sources has had no impact on his research, along with everything else in print and on the web from those who have seriously revisited the case since 2009.

Perhaps the learning curve is too steep. We can vouch for that given the research that needed to be done for our work-in-progress. (May it not be in vain!)

There is something to learn here, however, about the nature of this story, which includes deliberate obscurantisms that go back a century.

Arbuckle feature in Retro, January 2022 – Notice the above photograph used to illustrate the first page of Mr. Robb’s article. The original photograph included the other side of the counsel table. But the three district attorneys, Milton U’Ren, Leo Friedman, and Matthew Brady, were cropped out. Prints like this one still include a black ink blob on the lower right corner, like an enormous cigarette burn, where once was the image of Assistant District Attorney Milton U’Ren. He looked no less distinguished as, from left to right, Gavin McNab, Joseph McInerney, Charles Brennan, Arbuckle, Milton Cohen, and Nat Schmulowitz.

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